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Lee County Community Tennis Association
Friday, August 18, 2017 
Lee County Florida Adult Tennis Programs

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...Adult Tennis at LCCTA:
 Lee County Community Tennis Association offers a variety of programs for adult players. Private or group lessons, adult clinics, adult local and usta leages, tournaments, round robins as well as senior mini tennis are available. Bring a friend and set up your own game when you have time.
...Adult Tennis Lessons, Clinics and Drills:
Lessons & Clinics: Learn to play tennis if you are completely new to the sport, or improve your skills if you are an experienced player. Click here to see the lessons and clinics fee schedule.
Adult Drill and Play: Players at all levels benefit from the drill and play. You work on specific skills and then have time to plays points and get feedback from the pro.
Adult Clinic Beginner: Play 1 hour or 1 ½ hours. These clinics are designed to introduce new players to the sport with an emphasis on developing effective strokes, court movement, and basic grips.
...Adult Tennis Leagues in Lee County:

 To play in a league you must first join a team. Over 3,000 adult players in Lee County, Florida have found a team and you can too.  Teams are formed at both park and club locations. They are organized into age categories including Adult (18-49), Senior (50+) Super Seniors (age ranges vary). There are singles, doubles, combo, and mixed doubles leagues as well as USTA leagues, Lee County Women’s Tennis League, Southwest Florida Tennis, Flex Leagues, Men’s 50 Plus Tennis League of Lee County. They play mornings, afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays. If your schedule is unpredictable consider joining a flex league that permits you to set the time for your matches. For more information on LCCTA leagues, click here for details.

Adult Tennis Leagues in Lee County, Florida


...Adult Round Robins:
One of the most enjoyable recreational formats in tennis is the Round Robin, in which each participant plays all of the other participants over a season. In Lee County, most round robin events are played as doubles, but singles play can be arranged. Ladders are frequently maintained and player standing provides an element of friendly competition.

In theory a round robin is the fairest way to determine a champion among a known and fixed number of participants. Each player or team has an equal chance against all other participants. A participant's final record is thus seen to be more accurately represented in the results since it was arrived at over a prolonged period against equal competition.

  Click here Round Robin Time and Dates:
  Click here to see Fee Schedule for Adult Round Robins:

Round Robin play is scheduled at the four tennis centers in the parks. To enroll, you must be an LCCTA member in good standing and can join by clicking here.

...Senior Mini Tennis
  Your path to a more active lifestyle might include a new type of tennis, with a smaller court, a lighter racquet and a slower bouncing ball. No experience necessary.

Here is a game that respects those creaky joints, the extra pounds, and the fact that you’ve spent too much time channel surfing. This game is all about fun, fitness and friendship. Whether you are a lapsed tennis player or someone who is brand new to the game, this new format assures you have a great play experience, and a chance to meet some new friends while becoming more active. Bring your racquet, if you have one. If not, one will be provided. Get a taste of the new tennis. Click here for Senior Mini Tennis program information.
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