...Become a Tennis Sponsor
The Lee County Community Tennis Association believes that tennis should be a sport available to kids in ALL walks of life. Accordingly, we are proud to offer community scholarships, thanks to the generosity of private funders and grants.
 *** You, too, can establish a scholarship or sponsorship through LCCTA and help promote the growth of tennis in the community!***
.Sponsor a Scholarship for a Jr Player: A $100 sponsorship provides an afterschool program in the parks every day after school for a semester.
...LCCTA Club Rec Scholarship:

Your donation will allow a child to participate in Club Rec programs offered by Lee County Parks and Recreation. Club Rec offers a quality after school experience in a safe environment. LCCTA provides tennis instruction to the children in Club Rec as part of the afterschool program.
The scholarship strives to inspire an interest in tennis in children who may not have had previous exposure to the sport, and to encourage continuing tennis play in those students who are current players.
If you meet the criteria including both financial need and community recommendation, please fill out the Application.  Completed applications must be mailed to: LCCTA, PO Box 07118, Fort Myers, FL 33919

For more information on the programs we offer contact us directly at executivedirector@lccta.com or by calling 239-565-5300.
The Lee County Community Tennis Association is a 501(c)3 non profit corp.