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Lee County Community Tennis Association
Wednesday, July 18, 2018 
Florida Tennis Tournaments

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...LCCTA Tournament Categories
Lee County Community Tennis offers a number of different tournament programs. To see a Quick Guide to Junior Tournaments in the Youth Competitive Pathway, click here for more information.
...Level 9 Entry Level Tournaments:
. . . are for beginner players with age appropriate equipment. This is the player's first experience with competitive play. They must know how to serve, rally, and score.  USTA membership is not required. Usually completed in 4 hours or less.
.. Level 8 Entry Level Tournaments:
. . . are designed as Entry Level events and a great introduction to the competitive pathway for new players, recreational players, and those players with less than 400 ranking points. Playerts are required to play in their natural age division and cannot play up in an older division. USTA membership required.
...Level 7 (L7) Tournaments:
. . . are open to all players of all ability levels. The player does not have to be a Florida resident to play in the Level 7 tournament. USTA membership required. 
...Level 6 (L6) Tournaments:
. . . are open to all players that qualify by ranking. The top 32 players entered are selected by the latest published USTA Florida Standings List. USTA membership required.
Florida Super Series Tournament
..Level 5 (L5) Tournaments:
. . .All players MUST have birth certificate and parent's proof of residency on file with the Florida Section office. Players who are eligible for Designated and above level tournaments will appear on the USTA Florida Tentative Ranking list.

Player selection is made by the USTA Florida office staff ACCORDING TO THE LATEST TENTATIVE RANKING LIST. THE TOP #@ PLAYERS FROM ALL THOSE THAT APPLY WILL BE CHOSEN. USTA membership required. 
...Senior Games Qualifying Tournament:
. . . designed for players 50 years of age and above. USTA membership not required. Qualifying event to be able to play in the Florida State Senior Games sponsored by the Florida Sport Foundation. Next event is Nov. 4, 2017.
Florida Tennis Tournaments


Where do I Start My Child in Junior Tennis?  Click here.


Email: TournamentDirector@lcctatennis.com



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